Past clients showing off their custom pet portraits! You can order your own custom pet portrait here.


"Melissa did an amazing job on my dog's portrait. It came out exactly how I had envisioned it and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Melissa, this is something I will keep for a lifetime!!! Highly recommend."

"Melissa, Melissa, Melissa!!! What an amazing woman you are! I ordered these from you after we had two furbaby deaths recently. To help cope, I figured my little sister would benefit from these the most. I wish I had recorded her reaction because the second she unwrapped them, she started crying. Not because they made her sad, but because it's like she got to see them face to face one more time. She cared for these pups dearly and we are so grateful for you and your talents. They are currently on the wall of her bedroom along with their collars. Thank you so much. You made Christmas this year."